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Adatepe Village



ADATEPE village lies at the western slopes of Mount Ida, overlooking the Aegean Sea and Lesbos Island. This area was thetemporary home to Paris, son of King Priam ofTroy, where he enjoyed his pastoral life before being invited to judgement in the first beauty contest among Athena, Hera and Aphrodite.

Since those poetic times described in Homer’s Iliad, civilization flourished in and around Adatepe and perhaps some of the olive trees, still offering their generous fruits to mankind, are the living witnesses of this legend. Old stone houses with typical architecture reflect the happy times when Turks and Greeks lived peacefully in this village. Today , the whole village and surrounding olive groves are protected by law as cultural and natural heritage.

If you walk through Adatepe’s center dominated by two huge plane-trees and pass by the evergreen cypresses of the village cemetery the path leads you to the hill where the Altar of Zeus is located. Here the view is breathtaking and you will be fascinated by the smell of thousands of herbs and wild flowers mixed with the soft 'meltem' wind coming from the Aegean Sea.

The olive groves down in the Gulf of Edremit seem like an endless ocean of trees and legend says that the most aromatic olive oil of the Aegean shores is produced in this area.